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Exploring Basque Villages

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A fabulous day exploring basque villages yesterday. A swim in le lac at St Pee sur Nivelle, lunch in Espelette famous for peppers, and the evening in St Jean Pied de Port with wonderful views at “the foot” of the Pyrenees, with cobbled streets, sandstone walls with “arrow holes” and a beautiful Citadel.






Surfing at Hendaye Plage

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Myself and 7 of our friends decided that given we were in a famous surfing area, we really ought to give it a go. Katie (Atlantic Blue) recommended a local surf school (Aquality) the school provided a  pick-up service, travel to Hendaye beach and board hire all incorporated into the price (a very reasonable 25 euro per person) after a journey of approximately 35 mins we reached Hendaye, the beach at which the school operates its beginner lessons.

A typical surf town located near the Spanish border. (Hendaye is used for beginners surfing as its located in a bay and so the waves are very gentle, perfect for learning) after an initial group safety briefing and run through of the basics. I.e. positioning on the board, how the safety line is used etc..

Fabrice spent time with us individually in the shallows of the bay. Each of us catching a wave whilst lying on the board, getting used to the sensation of being carried by a wave toward the beach.

All in all we spent nearly 3 hours in the sea trying to get to the point where we could all stand (at least momentarily) and ride a wave. A genuinely satisfying feeling, Fabrice gave us extra instruction and positive praise where required. It should be said that unless you are a natural surfer, it is quite a challenging sport and we certainly all knew later that evening that we’d had a decent bit of exercise.

Overall a very enjoyable day out in a beautiful location with a great instructor and although a little bumped and bruised, was nothing a couple of hard earned beers couldn’t cure! Highly recommended!